The Fight for Arts Education


Idina Menzel with students of NewArts at FYL Fundraiser

Idina Menzel with students of NewArts at FYL Fundraiser

A month ago in New York, a few hundred forward thinking philanthropists assembled for my family's annual fundraiser supporting arts education. Our foundation, Find Your Light, supports over ninety programs across the country, and we are still growing. 

I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for the video and film programs I was fortunate enough to take part in growing up. To pay it forward, for our fundraiser each year I create a short documentary highlighting the work being done in some of the programs we support. It's too easy to dismiss this subject, especially when it's kept in the abstract. Everyone "feels good" about art, but far too few people consider it an essential part of school. Too many treat it as a luxury; a side dish to more important subjects.

I encourage you to go to our website and read all about the scientific studies that prove repeatedly that arts programs benefit not only children interested in art, but also increase grades in other classes, increase college acceptance rates, lower crime rates, build empathy and confidence...the list goes on.

I find it's hard to convince people in words, and I think these docs go a long way to explain just what exactly happens in arts programs. And if you think it's just a room of fifty children throwing glitter at each other, I definitely encourage you to watch.

I've posted both docs HERE (2017 and 2016). I hope they help you understand just how necessary it is to keep programs like these alive.

- C