Spring Update


When I was shooting my thesis film in college, I had an unfortunate call time of 4 a.m. On one particular shoot day, I woke to the all too subtle tones of my alarm clock, it’s bright crimson language piercing my eyes: 4:08 a.m. I managed to clothe myself as I jumped into my car thirty seconds later, and thankfully went on to finish what can lovingly be described as a technically passable film. To this day, I don’t sleep particularly well before a shoot and on any given day I tend to wake up minutes before my alarm.

In a similar way, I’ve just looked up to see that it is in fact the end of April, and so I’ve rushed on my proverbial (and literal) clothes to slap some words onto this page. A quick update to any interested parties in my latest goings ons, and perhaps a sober realization of the realistic pace of this bloggery doo.

First of all, my first ingress into writing publicly has been met with some very kind words and, if I’m to believe the amplified safe space of Twitter, a sincere reaction to what I wrote. I appreciate your comments and your taking some time out of your life to read something I care about.

I have a list of essays and shorts that I would like to complete (and in some cases start), which I intend to do as soon as this wave of busy-ness has crashed. I thought I might have some ability to offer more frequently an opinion on current events, as I did with gun control. But like a cat to a laser pointer I’m not sure it’s possible for me to catch the news before it changes completely. So I plan to write on topics that are more broadly relevant, like the nature of identity, and the overlap of religion and technology.

I would like to post at least once a month. There was an aforementioned sudden wave of activity that drew me from posting, but I understand for anyone interested in these posts that it’s frustrating not to have a clue when the next will be. So, at least once a month, twice if I can. Three if I’m drinking.

As for these happenings of late…I just recently filmed a video campaign in NY. I’m thrilled to be working with [REDACTED] on another fulfilling campaign to [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] with [REDACTED]. It’s strange to think that I could be completely lying about my current career and have no way to prove otherwise. In any case, this is a group of folks and a cause that I enjoy working with and for, and hopefully we will do some good in the world. I’ve been in NY on and off for the last month for his project, and I’m happy to have a bit more stability now to work on other projects. 

That leads me to something I can speak only marginally more about. I’ve recently optioned a TV pilot to a production company that I’m tremendously excited to work with. It’s been a long road to this starting line, and now we’re filling the tank and pressing the gas with no clear guarantee that we’ll have moved an inch by the end of it all. To anyone outside of entertainment who flips on a new show and rips it apart, I hope you appreciate just how arduous a task it was to get that made. When you think that there are no original ideas anymore, that is a function of a years-long process that seeks proven promises; there is still a creator behind it who cares deeply about his or her work. 

Side note…I had actually started writing a piece when Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out due to the overwhelming backlash it received (by the time I had time to finish it, the moment had passed). It’s very difficult to feed an audience that seems all at once to demand exactly what they expect as well as complete surprise. And if what an audience expects is to be surprised, then perhaps they shouldn’t complain so loudly when they are. Sometimes a piece of art doesn’t move you, but you don’t complain to the docents about it. You don’t ask for your money back. You might even return to that very same museum. I’d love to witness a new American culture that isn’t so competitive and critical, that could view entertainment for what it is and not whether it rose to some arbitrary benchmark.. Because believe it or not, it’s your criticism that feeds this process of sure bets. If you didn’t complain so loudly when a movie or TV show disappointed you, you might actually get more experimental and interesting movies and TV shows. But I’ll digress more when I write about this…

For my part, I wrote a new sci-fi story that I think has great implications in the present and I’m proud that it’s an original piece in a saturated era of adapted sci-fi works. I of course hope you get to see it some day, but you might not, and either way it will represent years of late nights and weekends writing.

Whether this ultimately bears fruit or dies in the dirt, I will have a lot to say at some point. The idea itself is something I feel is extremely prescient. Beyond creating an entertaining story, I really want to raise what I feel is a necessary discourse about some issues we are wholly unprepared for. As with most of my shrouded life, I wish I could say more. I will say that in terms of writing, this has taken a majority of my time of late. When there are pilot rewrites and pitch decks and show bibles to develop, it’s difficult to justify spending ample time on a short story. But I hope to return as I mentioned to some of these stories soon. 

And lastly, something I can talk about. I’m currently cutting a new short doc for Find Your Light. I hope it further instills the idea that art education is a necessity, not a luxury. That is, if we care about raising considerate, positive, empathetic human beings. I again one-man-banded this, so it takes about three months of my time to put together. We’ll be showing it at our annual fundraiser soon, and after that it will be for the masses on this website. I whole-heartedly believe that arts programs could solve most of humanities woes from the root up, and I’ll keep doing what I can to keep making that case. Stay tuned.

And with that, I leave you hanging once more. Have a beautiful Spring.